Our School

The Infinity School will be located in the small town of Bidar, in the state of Karnataka, India. Bidar has a population of over 2 lakhs

Bidar ranks the lowest in the state of Karnataka in terms of its results in the Higher Secondary and High School grade. The quality of teachers has also been significantly poor owing to no structured and formal training institute for their professional development

However, no one school is able to meet the educational needs of the children in Bidar since an average child changes close to three schools by the time he/she reaches high school in search of quality of education

The Infinity School will make it possible for the children of Bidar to get quality education in Bidar itself, without migrating to any Tier 1/2 city.

Infinity Teacher Academy will ensure that qualified teachers are engaging with the students through continuous professional development.

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Academic Enhancement

  • Qualified and trained faculty
  • CBSE Curriculum
  • Technology Based Curriculum Delivery creating an atmosphere of academic excellence
  • Focus on excellence in English language
  • Well set computer lab with internet connectivity
  • Practical classes – project work and case studies
  • Labs for academic and creative learning

Personality Development

  • Scouts and Guides Programme
  • Life skills through school cinema – film-based modules that reaffirms life skills and values.
  • Play ground with age specific sports material
  • Training in fine arts and crafts
  • Informative events for children and parents

Child Security

  • Clean and hygienic indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Safety measures with CCTV surveillance, security guard and use of safe teaching and learning materials
  • Well- structured school transportation system
  • Well trained support staff and care takers

Parent Teacher Engagement

  • Seamless communication with parents through Android/iOS App and social media
  • Regular parent teacher meetings
  • Counselling of parents and students

The Future

Nirantara Infratech Private Ltd. has acquired 5 acres of land for the proposed campus of Infinity International School in Bidar. The campus development will be undertaken in phases.