Nirantara Foundation

Nirantara Foundation was formed in 2008 to establish low-cost schools in urban slums. Four schools were started during 2008 for children of microfinance borrowers of Nirantara Community Services. A school targeting middle & high income segments was started during 2009 with a dual purpose to address issues of sustainability of the Foundation and also because the founders experienced lack of quality schools in Bidar for their own children.

​​Nirantara foundation has been managing operations of HoneyBees Public School since 2009. The foundation is going to work closely with Nirantara Infratech Private Limited in establishing proposed The Infinity School.

Nirantara Infratech Private Ltd.

Nirantara Infratech Private Limited was registered in March 2017 under the Indian Companies Act of 2013. The present directors of the company are Niranjan Sheelavant & Laxmi Mugali.

The key objectives of the company are

  • To acquire assets such as land & building for the purpose of education and to procure investments for the purpose of creating infrastructure for the purpose of education
  • To support the process of education and skill development, provide practical and research-based educational training and capacity building for people & institutions involved in imparting education.

Infinity Teacher Academy

The proposed Infinity Teacher Academy will meet the growing demand of qualified teachers in Bidar. The Academy will host different types teacher training programmes ranging from full-fledged course, short term training diploma and staggered programmes for ongoing education.

​The academy, being an autonomous institution, will offer top notch finishing education and skill upgradation programs to teachers and school leaders.

The HoneyBees Pre-Schools

he HoneyBees pre-schools focus on early childhood learning. The first school was established in 2009. It was a direct result of poor educational services in the town of Bidar. The school was started with a belief in comprehensive, life-based education. The second school was established in 2017. Nirantara Infratech Private Limited is aiming to set up 10 HoneyBees pre-schools in and around Bidar town in the next 5 years through the franchising model.

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